Friday, 29 July 2011

The Packo Designo blog is live!!!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the blog!

Packo Designo has a passion about Branding and Design, same as you.

This is not going to be the usual blog or just a boring forum so stay tuned. Mostly it is an innovative interactive forum in FACEBOOK where everyone can share relevant images, videos, ideas, comments about branding and packaged design, i.e. almost everything surrounding us... This blog will report the relevant news as an open source.

Packo USP and why connect with him?

1)    Packo collects all the relevant news and put them together in one place, so instead of looking around and visit everyday many different websites, just visit Packo Facebook page.

2)    Packo will be constantly updated on everything you need to know about Branding and Packaging Design news: new product launches, relevant topics, events, industry and categories debates, innovation etc.

3)    Packo uses many internet resources to bring you the most cutting edge feeling of being always on.

4)    Packo is connected with many experienced people in order to build an highly specialized network.

5)    Packo will give you detailed comments based on his knowledge and experience, but you can disagree! ;-)

6)    Packo is open to your comments and wants you to be part of it: be interactive so you can also disagree on what you read!

7)    Packo is an innovative and democratic tool for managing your news. Packo is an open forum indeed.

8)    Due to the Facebook platform you will receive the news directly on your Feeds. (a “push” news type of thing – for free!)

What to do:

Find Packo on FACEBOOK and start sharing your own news, comments, pictures, videos too!

Ø  Packo Designo is on Facebook: Packo Designo El Foro

Ø  Packo Designo is on Twitter: @Packo_Designo

Ø  Packo Designo is on Linkedin: Packo Designo

Be bold & spread the voice, but most of all FOLLOW ME!

Warm Regards,

Packo Designo

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